About Kowalke Coaching

WE’RE ALL capable of great relationships, the type that are both passionate and last forever. But most of us set the bar too low, and we’ve learned the wrong approach.

Talking relationshipsKowalke Coaching is relationship performance training. We take good relationships, and we make them better through a clear understanding of what it takes to make relationships great. We start with theory and getting to know you and your relationship, then we work with you one-on-one to develop individual strategies and put those strategies into practice.

Our coaching is built on a modern application of relationship wisdom and experience that is more than 4,000 years old. We draw heavily from psychology, Buddhism, Vedanta, Christianity and other time-tested systems that show how to find real love and build it into something that is both extraordinary and lasting.

More importantly, Kowalke Coaching is built on personal experience. We don’t theorize amazing relationships, we live them. Every day. You’ll notice the difference right away, from the clarity of our advice and the results we help you achieve, to the depth of the coaching relationship itself.

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