Peter Kowalke

Peter is founder of Kowalke Coaching. He also is founding director of the Philia Mission, a small charitable organization. Contact Peter.

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How to Tell You’ve Found “The One”

By on Apr 20, 2018

Learn how to tell when you’ve found your life partner and should make that deeper commitment.

Why Compassion is a Dirty Word for Your Relationship

By on Mar 06, 2018

How to cultivate real love for a better relationship.

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Up Your Dating Game with Better First Messages

By on Feb 24, 2018

Here's how you start a conversation on the dating platforms.

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Connecting When There’s No Connection

By on Feb 16, 2018

Discover what you can do when you like someone but don't know how to connect with them.

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The Internal Work Before Dating

By on Feb 06, 2018

Learn how you should get ready before you start dating again.

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Five Keys for Finding Serious Singles

By on Jan 17, 2018

How to date singles who actually want a long-term relationship.

Need a Last-Minute Christmas Gift?

By on Dec 21, 2017

Give membership to the Joy Love Club this holiday season.

The Secret Sauce for Dating in the Real World

By on Dec 12, 2017

How to skip the dating apps and find your partner in the real world.

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Why Dating Apps Fail Older Singles

By on Dec 05, 2017

Dating online doesn't work well for older singles. Learn why, and what to do about it.

The Best Dating Advice: You Don’t Need Advice

By on Nov 14, 2017

Dating advice is counterproductive if you don't combine it with action.