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Routines to Keep You Strong (Advice Roundup)

By on Jun 23, 2016

Routines play an important role in our life. They help us not forget the important maintenance that must be performed, they keep us from not being late to work, they center us and bring stability, and they help us create and change new habits, among other benefits.

Routines can help keep our relationship strong, too. It is far too easy to get focused on the fires we’re putting out all day and ignore our partner.

Relationship routines (“rituals”) kick off our Relationship Advice Roundup this week.

Relationship Advice Worth Clicking

  • Relationship Rituals can keep you strong. Check out Habit #3. (Verily Mag)
  • What your profile picture says about your personality…and the personality of potential mates. (PsyBlog)
  • When commitment is not lifelong, science says you actually are setting the stage for cheating. (TechInsider)

Putting the Advice into Practice

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