We’re Hiring: Web Developer

We’re a small but growing relationship coaching and personal development company looking for an energetic WordPress developer and all-around tech whizz to help us launch our membership site and other web properties, and then to maintain the technical side of these sites and provide overall technical guidance. This is an ongoing, part-time position intended for an independent contractor or a web dev team.

The position is all about building and maintaining an active pro-level WP membership site by modifying an off-the-shelf theme and thoughtfully integrating widely used plugins and web services as needed. Performance optimization and setting a solid technical foundation also are key.

You’ll work hand in hand with our founder, who has a background in WP and Drupal dev and a good sense for the strategic and technical direction, and be the person who actually implements the solutions/modifications after you and the founder have co-created it together.

This is a great position for a multi-client WP web developer who wants to be a part of something big that will change the world and/or needs a reliable ongoing revenue stream to balance the highs and lows inherent in project work.

The position requires commitment and meeting weekly deadlines, but it is 100% location-independent and ideal for those seeking a flexible schedule. The role is part-time and meant for an independent contractor, but there’s plenty of opportunity for co-creation and evolving the position into a long-term, full-time job.

This position will work on:

  • Modifying WP templates through CSS and PHP, and matching the look of selected elements found on other web sites.
  • Developing site features and technical solutions through evaluation, selection and implementation of popular WP plugins and web services.
  • Co-designing the look and functionality of a WP membership site now and every 2-3 years as redesigns are needed.
  • Maintaining and adjusting functionality as web service integrations, WP plugins and themes evolve and require adjustment over time.
  • Selecting, overseeing and configuring the web host for our various web properties.
  • Keeping up with tech and web trends, and suggesting ways that these trends can be used at the company.
  • Optimizing the membership site for blazing fast performance, and removing anything on the backend that is not actually needed.
  • Implementing and managing site security including backup, and swiftly resolving any issues that arise (God forbid).

Reading this makes you say, “Wow, that’s me!”:

  • You are a web dev ninja who know CSS, PHP and Javascript, and can quickly hack or build anything you need. Your job is not really about the tech because that’s easy.
  • You’ve been developing WP sites professionally for at least 3 years, and much longer as a hobby.
  • You are great at optimizing WP for performance, and you’re glad we’re using a CDN.
  • Security considerations are never far from your mind.
  • You can quickly figure out how another site does something and come up with a similar solution using WP and/or web services.
  • You prefer industry-standard solutions and configuration over customization, but you can do custom when no easy alternative exists.
  • You always choose the 80% solution over the perfect solution whenever it takes half the time (and you are good at recognizing the 80% solution).
  • You reply fast and ask for help when you get stuck, but in your ideal world client communication is kept to a minimum so you can get more done (you’re a maker).
  • You document as you work, not at the end.
  • You have other clients, and you plan to keep them.
  • Startup culture makes you excited, and you know what that means.

In an ideal world, you:

  • Have developed one or more membership sites built around WP.
  • Have developed courseware built on WP.
  • Love design and the front end, not just the backend.
  • Know your way around a Unix command-line and are comfortable with all things server.
  • Like Tony Robbins, and are excited to work with a business that is all about self-development and helping people build strong relationships.
  • Are a self-starter who also loves collaboration.

This job is NOT for you if:

  • You go silent or unresponsive when life issues and technical problems arise.
  • You’re comfortable with custom solutions and fringe plugins that are new or not heavily supported.
  • You won’t stop until something is perfect.
  • You’ve never developed a complex client site built around WP.
  • You’re primarily a frontend dev, programmer or hobbyist starting out.
  • You have no other paying clients.

Here’s how to apply before Midnight Eastern US time on Friday, August 30:

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