Peter Kowalke and Mastin Kipp

Building Soul-to-Soul Relationships (Advice Roundup)

By on May 20, 2016

Building really strong relationships requires a shift in thinking. You must stop thinking in terms of you and your partner and start thinking in terms of your relationship as a whole—you must think as a unit, not two people “partnering” together.

Getting there means sharing, though, and this can be hard because it requires vulnerability.

Life coach Mastin Kipp, who founded The Daily Love many years ago, talks this week about what it takes to build soul-to-soul relationships. One of the most important things he says in the video is that you can’t be seen for who you are until you SHARE who you are with your partner.

This is key advice, and it kicks off our weekly Relationship Advice Roundup.

Relationship Advice Worth Clicking

  • To be really “seen” on the deepest level, you gotta first show your real self to others. (Mastin Kipp)
  • Try a collective monologue with your partner for getting from two people to one on an emotional level. (Gottman Institute)
  • There is no such thing as unconditional love. There’s just conditions and love—you can’t have conditional love if the love is real. (Inner Engineering)

Putting the Advice into Practice

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