Honesty with nuance

Be Honest—but Nuanced! (Advice Roundup)

By on Jul 15, 2016

Honesty is very important in a relationship. This almost goes without saying.

What is less talked about, however, is how we can go too far with honesty. This is not a suggestion that we become dishonest with our partner; sharing everything with our partner really, truly is essential. But there’s such thing as timing. And also there’s the issue of how your partner will receive what you’re trying to communicate—sometimes honesty is less honest than simplifying an answer for actual comprehension.

There are other exceptions to the honesty principle, too, which makes honesty a little harder than just sharing your mind.

That’s why Dina Kaplan thinks that honesty must also be paired with empathy. This idea kicks off our Relationship Advice Roundup this week.

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