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Advice Roundup: Science Shows Love Really IS the Key to Happiness

By on Apr 29, 2016

So we at Kowalke Coaching have known it for awhile, but science finally seems to confirm it: the key to a happy life is loving relationships.

That, at least, is what a 75 year+ Harvard study shows.

We kick off this week’s Relationship Advice Roundup with more on this Harvard study and why you should pay attention.

Relationship Advice Worth Clicking

  • Massive 75-year long Harvard study proves it: Good relationships really are the key to happiness. (Washington Post)

Putting the Advice into Practice

Okay, you’ve read the relationship advice this week. Now are you ready to live it? If so, contact us at Kowalke Coaching. We’re ready to help you get there! Schedule a free coaching session.



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