Reaching Your Potential Starts with Knowing You’re Already Strong (Advice Roundup)

By on May 13, 2016

There’s a common misconception that working on your relationship is about fixing dysfunction. It is not.

Strengthening your relationship is about achieving peak relationship performance. It is not about dysfunction. You’re not broken. You don’t need to be fixed. What you need is help being your best and expressing the awesomeness that is already inside of you.

We start our Relationship Advice Roundup this week with a short video by Debi and Dr. Rob that dives into more detail on why the obsession with relationship dysfunction is misguided.

Relationship Advice Worth Clicking

  • A strong emotional vocabulary helps you understand the dynamics of your relationship so you and your partner can connect better. (Verily Mag)
  • Your smartphone is keeping you from a deep relationship. (Time)
  • Four simple exercises for building intimacy in your relationship. (MyLifeStages)

Putting the Advice into Practice

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